Cupcake Cakes Mouth-Watering Recipes

Top Tips To Create The Perfect Cupcake Cakes.

What says birthday or celebration more than a tempting and delightfully decorated cupcake? Cupcakes come in a variety of styles, sizes, and sinfully delicious flavours. One of the newest things people are doing with cupcakes is creating cupcake cakes. A cupcake cake is a bunch of cupcakes grouped together to make a shape. If you can come up with a simple design, such as a number, you can make these awesome party centrepieces yourself.

Cupcake cake wedding in the shape of a peacock

Lets Get Started With Cupcakes

To start off, you need a good cupcake recipe. If you choose not to use the boxed cake mixes, there are many tasty recipes out there to make the perfect cupcakes. Although boxed cake mixes will suffice for this task, made from scratch recipes are way better. Plus, you will have the pleasure of saying you created the entire cake yourself. There are many different flavours to choose from but usually white or chocolate cake is preferred, especially for birthdays. These flavours are also often the most simple to make.

Pull apart cupcake cakes designs

A great place to search for a good recipe is online. You will find many tips and tricks to making the perfect cupcake as well. The best methods to use for cupcakes are the ones that will produce sturdy yet moist results. You will need the stability so that your cupcake cakes can be comfortably decorated and will hold up under the right amount of icing. Nevertheless, nobody likes a dry, dense, cupcake. Your cupcake cake should taste just as good as it looks, if not better.

If you decide not to go it alone, local bakeries often offer cupcake cakes made-to-order. Some provide some pretty elaborate designs and specialities. You may be surprised at all of the styles and shapes of cupcake cakes that are available. These are most often more reasonably priced than sheet cakes, because of the fact that they are easier made and not as much time goes into decorating them. Some bakeries offer to shape your cake like your child’s favourite cartoon character. Most propose doing numbers, names, individual letters, and even just everyday items. Purses, teddy bears, flower baskets, rainbows, tractors, cars, and animals are some of the most common ones out there.

Cupcake cakes Vs Normal Cakes

There are some pros to having a cupcake cake, instead of a cake, at your party. Cupcake cakes are extremely easy to serve compared to a regular cake. There is no cutting involved. The cupcakes are simply shaped and then glued down, with a dot of icing, on the bottom of each one. Therefore, serving is as simple as pulling the cupcakes apart and handing them out. This makes them highly ideal for outdoor parties. There is not even a need for plates if you really want to make it easier. Just set out your cupcake cake and some party napkins and let your guests help themselves.

Everyone, these days, is looking for a more natural, more cost-effective way of doing things. A cupcake cake may be just what you need for your next birthday party, or event. In the long run, it will free you to spend more time with guests and less time fussing over your cake.

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