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Perfect Birthday Cake For Your Loved Ones

A birthday cake is for a particular day each year in a person’s life. Everybody has a birthday, and at most birthday celebrations or parties there is a cake. Birthday cake designs can be based on many interests and hobbies. They also can have a humorous theme or an honour.

Can include numbers depicting the age of the recipient. Age is a significant item on special birthdays including the 1st, 16th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and all others following that. They can have over the hill themes that are black and gloomy or happy and bright designs for their first or 16th birthdays.

There are birthday cake designs that take on many sports themes. These cakes are decorated with pictures airbrushed or candy and plastic figurines. On a baseball cake, you can have the field with players with bats and balls. A football cake can have a player running the ball or a helmet to depict the theme. Soccer birthday cakes can have a player kicking the ball into the net. On a hockey cake, there can be a player shooting the puck. These are a few of many designs that you can choose from on a birthday cake for that special sports fan or player.

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The outdoors is another trendy theme. There are hunting themes of many styles. They can have ducks, pheasants, deer, and other animals on them and maybe a little hunter figurine. If your special someone likes to fish you can use this as his theme. A large bass jumping out of the water or a stream with trout in it are famous cakes for the fisherman. Outdoor themes can include hiking, biking and mountain climbing. Whatever hobbies the birthday boy or girl have can be the theme of the cake.

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Racing is another popular cake design. Many different kinds of racing sports have been on birthday cakes. Nascar and other car racing are very popular on cakes. There are cakes with motorcycles and four-wheelers on them too. Snowmobiles and go-carts have put a smile on many birthday boys faces. Monster trucks go on cakes for all ages and are enjoyed by the little trucker.

Birthday cake designs

Birthday cakes for girls take another array of themes. Barbie dolls and Brats are part of many kids birthday cakes. Barbie has probably been on more birthday cakes than any other design. Hannah Montana is another theme popular on young girls cakes.

Birthday cake designs set the tone for the whole birthday party. As people age, the designs get more straightforward, and some only have candles on them. Candles are used to show how old the recipient is and sometimes can create a large flame.

Some items used in birthday cake designs can also be party favours. Little toy trucks, rings and dolls can be handed out with a piece of cake.

Some Birthday cakes are made with individual cake pans. These pans can have many shapes, including trucks, Disney characters, clowns, and many others. You use different coloured frosting to decorate these.

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